Why I do web design & my availability

The learning never stops

As a Web Designer the learning never stops. You are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and standards and keeping abreast of the latest Google SEO guidelines and accessibility guidelines.

I am currently using Webflow to create bespoke websites. I have found Webflow to be an amazing tool to use as a designer and developer but also it provides a really easy to use CMS system to enable you to quickly update your website yourself. I will provide some documentation to get you started but its very user intuitive.


Keeping my skills up to date - I have recently gained the following Webflow Certifications:

Webflow Experts Certification Exam

Webflow Layouts
Level 1 Exam

Webflow Layouts
Level 2 Exam

Webflow CMS
Level 1 Exam


My thoughts:
Freelance vs Larger Web Design Company

 Well, it’s a personal choice of course but I would guarantee that you will save money by using a freelancer (they have fewer overheads for a start). Also, you will receive a personal service and know exactly who you are dealing with (no calling large companies and being passed from pillar to post). If you are in the local area you could expect to meet the freelance and discuss your options (over a coffee or tea). Response times for freelancers are generally quicker too – remember the freelancer has their reputation to keep up and will genuinely want to give you a good service and for you to be pleased with the result.

It all started in the year 2000

A blue map of the world

After travelling round the world I finally figured out what I really wanted to do with my life. I really enjoy art and the logic of programming. Back to London to graduate a Web Masters Course. After working in London for a number of years I moved to Hampshire and began freelancing and have never looked back! I absolutely love building websites and working with clients to ensure that their business is professionally reflected in their online presence.

Current Availability

You are in luck! I am available to take on new projects!

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Meet the dream team

I don't work alone, I have recently adopted Susie, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, from the Dogs Trust. She was sadly previously used for breeding but she's getting lots of love here!

Sleeping 15 year old beagle
Adrienne Hodges - Freelance Web Designer - dark hair, glasses and a friendly smile


Current projects

For fun?

When I am not busy building beautiful websites you can find me spending time with my family, singing with the wonderful Rock Choir, playing badminton, swimming or walking Susie.