An interview with Adrienne


So, welcome Adrienne, firstly can you tell us how you got into web design?

Well, I started off working as a Legal Secretary but soon decided to broaden my horizons and go travelling. While I was away I had a good think about what I would really like to do. Two things I really enjoyed were painting and computers so I put them together and started painting computers. This didn't get me very far and there wasn't really much demand for my skills unfortunately. Then I had a brainwave - put art and computers together - web design! So, back to college to retrain. That was over eight years ago now.

Fascinating, and where did you work after web design college?

I landed my first web design role as a Multimedia Designer working in the Shoreditch area of London. I worked for a company producing and looking after their website, their sister company's site and also producing any multimedia advertising material. After a few years I moved and started working as a Web Designer for an Internet Service Provider.

Great, great, so how come you started going down the freelance route?

Well, I'm glad you asked. I moved to Winchester, Hampshire four years ago with my then boyfriend (and now husband) whose work brought us this way. So, I took the plunge and thought "It's now or never," and gave freelancing a go. To be honest, I have never looked back. I feel very lucky to live in a wonderful area, with my wonderful husband (of course), to be doing a job I love and being my own boss. Thankfully its all going very well.

So what could a prospective client expect from working with you on their website?

I like to think I provide a service that I would like to receive myself. I am a conscientious worker and at the end of the day my aim is to work with the client and produce a professional site tailored to their requirements and that they are happy with.

What would you say to someone worried about using a freelancer as opposed to a larger web design company?

Well, it's a personal choice of course but I would guarantee that you will save money by using a freelancer (they have fewer overheads for a start). Also, you will receive a personal service and know exactly who you are dealing with (no calling large companies and being passed from pillar to post). If you are in the local area you could expect to meet the freelance and discuss your options (over a coffee or tea). Response times for freelancers are generally quicker too - remember the freelancer has their reputation to keep up and will genuinely want to give you a good service and for you to be pleased with the result.

Many thanks Adrienne.

No problem, thanks for listening!